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What is a Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa program in Portugal allows investors to obtain citizenship through various investments. In October 2023, the government announced significant changes to the program. It offers residency by investment, providing international investors with visa-free travel, work, study, and living opportunities.

The benefits extend to the investor's family members, granting them significant freedom.

What benefits can you enjoy with your Golden Visa?

The Portugal Golden Visa, officially known as the Residence Permit for Investment Activity, attracts international capital to boost Portugal's economy. It offers investors and their families residency rights, visa-free travel in the Schengen Area, and a pathway to Portuguese citizenship after five years, granting broader visa-free travel and the right to live and work across the European Union.



Family Inclusion

Higher quality of life


Travel Freedom

Do Golden Visa lead to Citizenship?

Following five years of legally residing in Portugal, holders of the Golden Visa are eligible to seek Portuguese citizenship. Upon obtaining citizenship through the Golden Visa, foreigners gain the opportunity to acquire a Portuguese passport. Portuguese citizenship comes with the advantages of EU citizenship, allowing individuals to reside and work in any EU member country. Additionally, the Portuguese passport provides visa-free entry to 188 countries globally.

Golden Visa Requirements

The requirements for acquiring a Golden Visa in Portugal typically include the following criteria, which investors are commonly required to fulfill during the application process:

What are the investment options in a Golden Visa?

Investments in Private Equity

Criteria for investment include the creation or maintenance of a minimum of 10 jobs, maintenance them for 3 years, an obligation for the company to have its headquarters in national territory, and an investment of €500,000 in an existing Portuguese company.

Investment in Portugal D2 Visa

The Portugal D2 Entrepreneur Visa, also referred to as the Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa, offers residence authorization to non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who invest in Portugal. This program, is an alternative to the Portugal Golden Visa, aiming to attract high-net-worth individuals to establish or expand businesses in Portugal, leading to potential Portuguese citizenship.

Investments in National Funds

The investment criteria include the establishment of a fund with a maturity period of at least 5 years at the time of investment, prohibiting direct or indirect investments in real estate. Additionally, 60% of the investment value must be implemented in commercial companies based in national territory.

Investments in National Heritage and Science: Investing in Portuguese National Heritage can be achieved by contributing an amount equal to or greater than €250,000 in support of artistic production, recovery, or maintenance of the national cultural heritage. Alternatively, an investment of €500,000 in scientific research is another viable option, with a 20% discount applicable in low population density regions. Additionally, to qualify, a minimum of 10 jobs must be created and maintained for 5 years.

Investments in Companies: For investments in companies, there are two options. The first involves establishing a new company headquartered in national territory, with an investment of €500,000 and the obligation to create 5 permanent jobs, maintaining them for 3 years. The second option is to invest €500,000 in an existing Portuguese company that accepts the obligation to create 5 permanent jobs and maintain this condition for 3 years.

Step-by-step process

How to Apply for a Golden Visa?

It's widely known that Portugal boasts an outstanding global reputation, emerging as a prime relocation and retirement choice due to its cosmopolitan cities, exceptional quality of life, storied past, stunning coastlines, and picturesque rural landscapes. Golden Visa Portugal serves as the perfect residency solution for non-EU nationals aiming to reside, work, or study in this vibrant nation. Count on Smith & Adams to assist you throughout the process.

Talk to Smith & Adams

Explore and gain insights into diverse investment routes. Our expertise guides you in selecting the most suitable option, and we present a range of projects for your investment consideration.

Prepare Documentation

It is time to prepare all the documents, including the proof of investment documentation. We will inform you about what must be prepared, the particularities of each document and those that we must translate and legalize.

File Residence Application

Complete the real estate acquisition or the way chosen for applying. We will also book the biometrics appointment for you and your family.

Golden Visa Submission

You will be required to pay the Government an application fee and provide a copy of all the required documentation.

Residence Approval

After Golden Visa approval, you will have to pay the government issue fee. Receive a 1-year residence certificate, renewing it in years 2 and 4. Attain permanent residency after year 5.

Portuguese Passport Received

Once the process of applying for the Portuguese nationality is finished.


Investment Amount

Minimum amounts vary with each country's program

Property Type

Minimum amounts vary with each country's program.

Number of dependants

Include Children, Spouse and Parents (from both the applicant and the spouse).

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